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Electronic Payment Solutions

e-Payment Solutions for your Clients

Streamline offers a number of transaction services including custom web-payment portals, virtual terminal, lockbox, pay-by-phone and point-of-sale solutions. Our Point of Sale solution is extremely unique to the government marketplace, but we also provide transaction capture from a host of other methodologies. Besides being competitively priced on a per-transaction basis, highly customizable and very user friendly our solutions require zero upfront expense eliminating all financial risk. Call 865-622-9212 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the best fit for your operations.


Internet Solutions

We offer a number of internet payment methodologies including the Federal Payments VirtualTerminalTM, complete integration capabilities, website payment utilities and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment capture.

 Federal Payments internet based payments systems support credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks (ACH) and ATM transactions. These transactions can be processed in real-time or scheduled to occur at a future time designated by the user. Re-presentment options can be configured by the client to allow for additional attempts, or even utilize a secondary payment method to collect items returned unpaid.


The Federal Payments VirtualTerminal comes standard with system administration capabilities. This allows our clients the ability to setup an unlimited number of additional users, each with their own definable secure access rights and processing limits. Users can be allowed access from any location, or be restricted to access from a single location.

The Federal Payments VirtualTerminal includes a complete suite of reports to help you track your receivables, better manage your resources and maximize your cash flow. Report data is automatically updated in real time and all data is encrypted and stored at our data center to protect your organization and your customers’ privacy. Reports can be exported into a variety of formats, including PDF, Word, Excel and CSV.

Powerful anti-fraud tools enhance the VirtualTerminal’s capabilities, reducing exposure to fraudulent activity and reducing likelihood of un-paid items. Transactions can be verified against both positive and negative check verification databases via ATMVerify® and the NCNVerify database.

Legacy Solutions

Existing client software applications can be payment enabled by way of integration to our Federal Payments Gateway, providing for seamless payment origination, settlement and reporting. All the capabilities found within our Virtual Terminal can be built into your legacy software application, eliminating the need for a web based portal. Contact us for developer utilities and specifications.

Lockbox transactions should be processed as an accounts receivable entry (ARC).

These ARCs enable originators to convert to a single check received from a consumer via the U.S. mail or at a dropbox location for the payment of goods or services, to an ACH debit.

The consumer’s source document (i.e., the check) is used to collect the consumer’s routing number, account number, check serial number and dollar amount for the transaction

Pay By Phone

The Federal Payments IVR system is designed to handle incoming consumer calls for payment inquiry and handling, as well as delivering out-bound payment related calls. Callers hear your company name, not some third-party service organization. Payments are created by the consumer using their touch-tone keypad on their phone. Credit card transactions are processed in real-time, and electronic check (ACH) transactions can be verified with positive account information in real-time.

As with all other Federal Payment methodologies, the IVR payment system is available for use in a convenience fee model.

Zero-cost POS credit card processing.

Federal Payments is uniquely positioned to offer public sector entities a payment acceptance method in a convenience fee based model. Until now, public sector operations have been reluctant to accept credit cards at the point of sale, because of the high cost of credit card processing fees and budget constraints.

Once we have completed your setup and your office has received the point of sale hardware, the IP based terminal will self configure and you will be ready to accept credit card payments.

Pay By Phone

Every year, processors like Federal Payments are required to re-certify their compliance status with the PCI Security Standards Council. Federal Payments works diligently year round to ensure that we are fully compliant with government and association compliance standards.

The ACH Operating Rules require certain parties in the ACH Network perform an annual ACH Audit. Federal Payments routinely and successfully completes the annual audit.

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