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Why Choose Striata?

Striata is a global company, with expertise in electronic messaging. Experience from ongoing client projects across all major verticals has resulted in methodologies that achieve the highest consumer adoption rates worldwide, as well as the highest possible inbox penetration.

Striata is a secure eBilling specialist, with more than 10 years of ongoing consumer behavior research and hundreds of customized client implementations. Our clients turn to us because:

  • They do not have the internal resources or experience to re-invent their eBilling strategies and methodologies;
  • Their existing online (pull) presentment solutions have failed to reach cost saving and ROI goals; and
  • Their current solutions have raised further security concerns, as phishing becomes more of a threat.

Striata provides both proven solutions and cutting edge methodologies to maximize adoption and internal efficiencies. Our goal for every project is to achieve full ROI within 6 months and significant returns thereafter, by converting as many paper-based transactions to electronic as possible, while better servicing our customers at less cost:

  • Our solution drives maximum customer adoption and paper turn off.
  • Striata’s secure electronic documents look identical to the original paper document, minimizing customer resistance to change.
  • Functionality within the electronic document allows for proprietary response functionality, such as embedded data files and integrated forms, that enhances the customer experience.
  • We guarantee deliverability that surpasses postal mail delivery, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Our project methodology delivers projects on-time, without draining internal client resources. Most clients achieve full return on investment in less than 12 months.
  • Transparent, affordable implementation, with low set up costs, and pay per use pricing. It’s in our best interest, as well as the client’s to drive customer adoption of our solutions.
  • Proven technology, along with hundreds of clients and more than a decade of experience.
  • Striata provides a wide range of technologies and strategies that add significant value:
    • Collecting and managing customer email addresses.
    • Proven customer adoption strategies.
    • Tracking and reporting on customer behavior.
    • Personalization of marketing inserts for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Most of Striata’s clients achieve 10 – 20% paper turn-off in the first year and 25 – 40% by the end of the second year.

The Striata difference

Complete solution
Striata offers a full document life cycle solution within a single software application: creation, personalization / marketing insertion, encryption, email delivery, inbox deliverability, one click payment and complete end to end reporting. We also provide full service consulting services involving the design of a customized adoption strategy for each client, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the technology solution.

SaaS offering
Our hosted model is offered on a “pay for use” basis, reducing upfront risk in almost all ROI calculations. As there is no new software development for any client, and no hardware, infrastructure or software investment, project time to market is reduced to less than 16 weeks in most instances. This SaaS model also allows for minimal implementation time, therefore minimizing client resources and cost.

No registration
One of our most unique and fundamental differentiators is our ability to drive significant adoption and paper turn off, by eliminating the enrollment / registration barrier. Striata’s technology offers one-click email “opt-in”, without the need for the customer to visit a single web page, or choose and remember a username and password. This is a critical factor in maximizing adoption, as consumers have traditionally resisted proactive enrolment.

Email attachment delivery
Our strategy of encrypting and delivering PDF and HTML email attachments does not require the sender to have any knowledge about the recipient’s email client. This approach means we know exactly how and what the recipient will receive and view. With so many different local and webmail clients available today, an essential component of any ‘push’ strategy is that the document renders exactly the same across all email clients.

One-Click BillPay
Striata BillPay is ground breaking, proprietary technology that allows for one click electronic payment directly from within the email attachment itself, without the need for the customer to click through to a website or pre-register payment information. This enables the customer to pay their bill electronically in less than 15 seconds, an absolutely critical differentiator that dramatically influences ‘time to pay’ (Days Sales Outstanding).

Personalized marketing
Striata’s Application Platform includes a fully automated, highly intelligent marketing module which drives placement of relevant, targeted marketing directly into the email body, overlaying or appended to the bill / statement, and in any payment or form submission acknowledgment emails. The result is more “meaningful” traffic to the biller’s website, and significant up-sell and cross-sell revenue.

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