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Replacing paper bills and statements with feature rich, interactive electronic documents that are delivered as secure attachments directly into customer inboxes, Striata’s Email Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) solution is revolutionizing the way bills and statements are delivered and paid.
Delivered faster, opened sooner, paid quicker, Striata eBilling helps billers to:

  • Attain significant cost take out from paper turn off. Print and postage costs are reduced by 60% to 90%
  • Dramatically reduce the payment cycle / DSO and improve their cash flow
  • Complement existing online billing and ePortal self-service initiatives
  • Realize exponentially higher eBilling adoption
  • Increase meaningful website traffic through targeted trackable marketing offers
  • Achieve rapid return on investment (ROI) and sustainable cost savings
  • Reduce their carbon footprint – enhances environmental credentials

Innovation: Replace paper bills with secure electronic documents
Our eBilling solution replaces paper bills and statements with rich, interactive electronic documents that are delivered as secure attachments, directly into customer inboxes. Customers can view, print, save, forward and pay bills without having to log on to any website.

Strategy: Take eBilling to your customers
By delivering (‘push’) eBills directly in the customer’s inbox, rather than requiring them to fetch bills from a website, companies can take control of eBill adoption, rather than waiting for customers to sign-up online. Combined with proven email collection strategies and opt-in / opt-out methodologies, the strategic ‘push’ – inbox delivery of bills and statements – dramatically increases customer adoption of paperless documents and electronic payments.

This enables our clients to achieve rapid ROI; complement their existing self-service and electronic communication strategies; significantly reduce paper output and to meet their carbon footprint / environmental impact targets.

Revolution: Two click convenience: 1-click to decrypt the secure eBill and 1-click to pay
Our proprietary BillPay technology is the first of its kind to enable customers to make instant, 1 click electronic payments directly from within the eBill attachment itself. More than half of eBill customers pay within a day, while customers receiving paper are still waiting for their bills to arrive.

How does eBilling work?
Striata’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment solution delivers electronic bills via email, providing as much convenience as traditionally posted bills. Customers can also easily and simply make payments directly from within the e-bill – something which cannot be matched in the paper billing world.

The email eBilling process:
The electronic bill is delivered to the customer via email; still the most frequently used digital communication channel, and the one with the highest comfort level in terms of use.
It allows customers to consolidate and store all documents from each biller in their mail client or in another folder on the computer, while retaining all security mechanisms.
The bill remains encrypted while not in use, so the customer’s personal data is protected, even if their computer is lost or stolen.
Striata eBills are replicas of the paper bills, but are also embedded with rich functionality that allows sorting and drill-down, as well as the option to pay from within the bill itself.

eBilling Challenges
The Billing process has always been a strategic marketing and customer retention platform. However, without the means to measure effectiveness by customer profile or demographic usage, billers have historically focused more on getting paid and getting paid faster.

Getting paid is still a primary goal for billers. When evaluating electronic billing options, the first question is always: will it lower my billing costs and by how much?

However, the more important question to ask about electronic billing is actually: what kind of customer adoption rates can I expect?

Examples of what we consider to be successful customer adoption rates:
A large satellite TV provider has converted 52% of customers receiving statements to Striata’s secure eBilling process.
A retail bank ranked in the top 8 worldwide, followed Striata’s opt-out process for credit card customers. This resulted in 97% of customers with email addresses turning off paper.
A large auto finance company delivers over 1.3 million e-statements per month; representing 67% of its customers, a savings of $0.47 per document ($7,3 million a year)

While online bill pay adoption rates have stalled at 10%, Striata eBilling clients universally achieve this within the first year, and often in the first month.

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