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Omation 206
Letter Opener for High Volume Mail Operations

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The Omation 206 sets a new standard of excellence! You can tell at a glance that this is no ordinary envelope opener. The Omation 206 is the state of the art in accuracy, speed, flexibility, reliability and economy. It features enhanced mixed mail feeding and handling, with no sorting or jogging — accepting all types of 1st class mail including large flats up to ½” in thickness and 13.5” in length.

Capabilities and Function
The Model 206 can process up to 36,000 pieces of mail per hour, accepting various size envelopes for accurate automated extraction. The machine offers enhanced mixed mail feeding and handling with minimal operator assistance. The Model 206 Envelopener receives first-class mail or overnight letter packages in various lengths and thicknesses, based on application.

Features and Benefits
Advanced enhancements of this unique envelopener include:

  • Electronic Counter: easy-to-read resettable six-digit LCD display
  • Oversized Envelope Support: transports and stacks flats and oversized envelopes
  • Mail Tray Supports: enhances ergonomics and optimizes workflow
  • Automatic Jam Detection: provides convenient machine clearing
  • Automatic Chaff Collection: collects mill chips for a clean workspace and jam prevention
  • Small Footprint: for optimal space efficiency

By using Omation’s unique high-speed milling technology, the Model 206 prevents sliced contents and produces a soft, feathered edge. This is a distinct advantage over slicing-blade and guillotine-type cutters that often damage contents and leave sharp edges which cause painful paper cuts

Omation 2100
Letter Opener for Midrange Volumes of Mixed Mail

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The Omation 2100 Envelopener offers proven technology for mid-sized mail-opening jobs. This tabletop unit provides mailroom automation for mid-volumes of incoming mail, and it is equipped with the same milling cutter technology as the higher speed Omation 206 Envelopener. With thousands of Omation envelopeners installed throughout businesses and governmental agencies, the 2100 delivers an economical solution for automated envelope extraction.

Capabilities and Function
Processing up to 400 envelopes per minute, this machine can remove as little as .010″ to .015″ chips from the envelope edge. The 2100 handles first-class mail or overnight letter packages in various lengths, including up to .188″ in thickness.

The Omation 2100 provides an efficient mail opening system by delivering:

  • Milling Cutter: protects contents, eliminates paper cuts and minimizes waste
  • Digital Counter: allows for envelope counting without opening the envelope
  • Mixed mail processing: includes envelopes up to 6 3/8″ tall
  • Cut/No Cut Knob: easy-to-read resettable six-digit LCD display
  • Durable and reliable quality steel components

Features and Benefits
By using the same unique high-speed milling technology as Omation’s larger Envelopener, the Model 206, the 2100 prevents sliced contents and produces a soft, feathered edge. This is a distinct advantage over slicing-blade and guillotine-type cutters that often damage contents and leave sharp edges which cause painful paper cuts. Waste is minimized, because the Model 2100 produces tiny milled chips rather than larger strip cuttings. The chips are wisked away and automatically discarded, keeping the workspace clean and preventing jams.

Letter Opener for the Small Office

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Features and BenefitsThe Omation MINI MILL is the automated mail opener that is small enough for the front desk and powerful enough for the back office.

Compact size
The OMATION MINI MILL is small enough to fit on just about any surface with a footprint under 17 inches. It is also lightweight at only 19 pounds.

Easy to operate
With its intuitive design, using the MINI MILL is a snap. Simply flip on the power button, slide mixed mail into the feeder, and the MINI MILL will do the rest.

Milling technology
At the heart of the MINI MILL is milling technology. By milling tiny chips from the edge of the envelope instead of slicing it, the MINI MILL quickly opens mail while protecting its contents. The MINI MILL also protects from painful paper cuts by producing a soft feathered edge.

Attractive modern design
The MINI MILL complements any office environment. With its integrated chip drawer, it stays clutter-free. The optional mail catch tray completes the look.

Durable construction
Since the first OMATION Envelopener was introduced in 1974, it has become the most popular line of automated mail openers. This is due in large part to the quality components and craftsmanship that goes into every OMATION product.

Reliable milling technology is now priced for the small office. With the superior value the MINI MILL offers, no business or department should be without one.

Formax FD450 Letter Opener
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Automate the tedious task of opening incoming mail with the FD 450 automatic letter opener. The FD 450 reliably operates at speeds of up to 300 envelopes per minute. One side of the envelope is slit so that the contents are left undamaged with no messy paper scraps to clean up. This increases work flow and ensures document integrity.

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