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Choose Striata eMarketing
Digital campaign management and email communication are effective marketing mediums, facilitating customized interactions, which are immediate, measurable and trackable.

Success Stories
The success stories of two diverse organisations provides an illustration of how successfully our eMarketing team has utilised the people, processes and technology at our disposal.

The demonstration of eMarketing is best served through the use of screen shots and explanations. The following three portfolios provide a snapshot of various projects and a glimpse at the scope of Striata’s eMarketing capabilities

E-Marketing Services

Electronic Communications
Striata provides consulting and advice on all aspects of email distribution, including best practices, campaign ideas and does research in each industry to ensure the offer, email and call-to-action are all maximized for best response.

Data Management
The success of any digital marketing campaign is dependant on the database that the campaign is sent to. It is essential that the database is clean, with the most updated records.

Customer Profiling
Striata’s Profile Manager module on the Striata Application platform allows for the easy hosting and management of databases.

Customer Acquisition
Email is an effective tool for generating leads and prospects, making use of viral marketing.

Striata’s eSurvey tool is used for full length surveys or snap polls, as a means of gathering information on customer satisfaction, or their likes and dislikes.

This solution manages customer events from the invitation phase, through registration, reminders and post-event thank-you emails.

Mobile Services
Mobile marketing is extremely effective when using SMS and MMS messaging and SMS short-codes.

Tips and Strategies

Successful Newsletters
Regular communication through newsletters maintains the line of communication between you and your readers. By following the guidelines that Striata uses, your newsletters will be successful.

Triggered Communications
Lifecycle-based triggered communications (personalized messages), automatically sent to individuals on a special date or event, are an important component in achieving effective customer relationship management (CRM).

Profiling Customer Data
The customer experience is no longer just about the experience they have with the product / service and the people in the organization.

Mobile tips and strategies
Mobile marketing is a cost effective way to market products, special offers, events, competitions, promotions and new products and services.

Assessing Customer Loyalty
It is particularly effective to determine an organization’s net promoter score (NPS).

Your Customer Contact Database
Effective eMarketing is only as good as the email or SMS database from which it operates.

Avoiding Spam Filters
We all know that bulk emails must be permission-based, must have an unsubscribe facility and should conform to industry guidelines.

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