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Electronic Solutions & Services

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Eliminating 70% of billing related expense, getting our clients paid faster, achieving as high as 80% customer-adoption rates & helping our clients “Go Green” in the process! It doesn’t hurt that it is certified by the US Postal Service! If your company processes 10,000 or more paper or electronic bills, statements, invoices, checks, policies, EOB’s, or other sensitive, financial or legal documents per month, this is definitely worth a closer look!

Electronic billing is the future of financial mail and there’s only one technology that’s actually achieving paper turn off. “Push” e-billing has proven that it’s easy enough & convenient enough for the bill payer not only to opt in but also to quit receiving their paper bills. In fact it’s achieving 80% paper turn off in many cases. With an average operational cost of $1.21 per paper bill, turning off 80% can save millions and help companies reach their green initiatives. Our ebilling solutions are also getting our client paid 11 days faster on average. Because it’s a web hosted or software as a service (SaaS), there’s nothing to buy, build or maintain. No other electronic billing system, service or solution can provide this type of impact.

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Go Green

The largest carbon footprint of the business world is paper. Streamline Group offers three highly impactful solutions to help businesses reduce their paper and operational cost all at the same time.

1.) “Push” E-Billing: Utilizing “Push” technology, our electronic billing solution is like no other. Providing the most convenient, secure, flexible & effortless method available for bill-payers, it’s enabling billers such as utility companies to turn off as much as 80% of their paper bills compared to the 12% industry average with other electronic offerings.

2.) Online Bill Payment Portal Solutions: A practical solution for municipalities or any biller that would like to reduce paper & operational cost. With no upfront or ongoing cost, other than a percentage-based fee per transaction that’s less than sending a paper bill by mail, this is a no-brainer for billers of all sizes & industries.

3.) Email Marketing by Streamline: Direct Mail marketing has always been a cost-effective way to grow business when done properly. A mailing is typically considered successful if 2-3% of recipients become prospects. The average cost per piece is around $1 once labor, materials, postage & other expenses are factored. What if there was a way to take some of that direct-mail marketing budget & reach 92% of your audience, with a trackable 33% read rate, a 7% growth-rate & a 5% conversion all for about a penny per recipient. Learn why we’re your only email marketing solution available that can make this claim

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