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Only source in East Tennessee & Western North Carolina for full spectrum of internal equipment, software & web-based solutions for both physical & electronic mailing, shipping, receiving, e-billing, document automation


In short, Streamline Group’s primary areas of expertise reside within mailing, shipping, receiving and document automation. This includes all forms of electronic and physical applications for your company’s in-house processing and when we process it for you. Our job in the beginning is to identify opportunities to bring value to your business whether that generates business for ours or not. This is achieved through our comprehensive efficiency analysis process. We believe it’s by unconditionally helping customers that we earn confidence, loyalty & trust. Given the countless potential ways by which we can help customers, we’ll name just a few here.

Eliminate Wasted Paper & Expense through the world’s ONLY “Push” Electronic Billing Solution
There are many companies out there boasting their new electronic billing & bill-payment systems but there’s only one that’s achieving significant customer-adoption rates. Our electronic billing solution is averaging greater than 30% adoption in the 1st year, 60% by the end of the 3rd year and has in rare cases exceeded 80% adoption rates. Once materials, postage, equipment, labor & consumables are factored the average paper bill costs 70 cents to send out, 20 cents to receive & .5% daily for every waiting day that follows processing. For example, a utility company that serves 100,000 customers with bills averaging $200 & an average turn-around time of 10 days, is spending $1 per bill in related process cost. Assuming 60% adoption by the end of the 3rd year, our solution will save them approximately $60,000 per month. If your company processes greater than 10,000 B2B bills, statements or invoices monthly or greater than 50,000 B2C bills monthly, this is something that you want to investigate further.

Reduce FedEx & UPS Expense
The carriers don’t want you to understand your shipping process or your bill. It’s by keeping things complicated that they retain their “fluff” profit, which constitutes 38% of their total revenue. “Free” carrier provide systems & carrier website shipping have one purpose & one purpose only…. to limit & control your access to information & your options. Additionally, carriers skillfully secure additional business by offering often generous discounts & incentives. The problem is that these incentives & discounts rarely reduce bottom line. In fact, they’re typicaly aimed at zones, dates & services that don’t apply to you. That’s why they study your history so carefully. To make intelligent & informed shipping decisions, a shipper needs better intelligence such as real-time fuel surcharges, rural & commercial delivery charges, undated & corrected addresses, which zones get same or next-day delivery when shipped as ground and much, much more. We can provide your company with such information along with detailed custom-reports and custom-automated systems to make the processes easier. If our solution is a fit, it’s FREE!

Cover your Assets
Have you ever been expecting something important such as a contract, parcel or something valuable & it’s nowhere to be found? Our custom-tailored receiving, tracking & delivery systems can track what, where, when, who & even why. The application can be as simple as receiving student package deliveries where we’d scan them into a web-based system, an email notification goes to the student’s email account & the student signs an electronic signature pad at the pickup desk. Let’s add some complexity to the same environment. All campus deliveries for faculty, staff & students are received in the same location but get delivered to the 50 buildings across the 3 campuses on opposite sides of town. In this scenario, we’ll scan or “receive” them, automatically sort them by recipient & destination, automatically sort into delivery routes & the recipients sign for their items on a cellular delivery device with real-time updates to the main system. Deliveries are viewable via the intranet, awaiting recipients can see where the delivery personnel are on their route & where they fall in the upcoming order thus eliminating calls to the receiving area. Multiple buildings, multiple cities, countless variations, we can help you track paper, files, packages, inventory, people, computers, jewelry, weapons, drugs or anything else of trackable value.

Postage Discounts
If you are mailing greater than 500 of pieces of mail at any given time, you probably qualify for postage discounts. Not everyone meeting the above criteria can justify an internal solution but a closer look is warranted all the same. In many cases, we can integrate your mail with the mail of others to achieve deep discounts. In this scenario, it doesn’t cost you anything & we’d share in the discounts we achieve. It’s essentially free money. In the event that your volumes, application & destinations qualify for heavy discounts or your materials are too sensitive to outsource, we may suggest an internal solution. This way you get to maximize your savings internally. Lastly, if you are currently outsourcing your marketing mail, let us take a look. In many cases, fees and profits are buried in the discounts & printing. We can often show companies a better way.

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