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The Striata eContact Suite facilitates inbound message handling, providing customer service teams with an effective email management system. Striata eContact operates across inbound channels to provide a consolidated view of a customer’s electronic interaction history.

eContact is primarily used for email management but has the capability to manage fax and SMS/text messages as well.

The solution takes the messages out of the inbox and puts the control and management of the response to incoming messages back into a ‘queue’ system that facilitates management and escalation.

With the Striata eContact Suite, you can:

  • Efficiently manage inbound email, fax or text messages
  • Track interaction between contact centre agents and customers
  • Manage user access and responsibilities
  • Standardize generic responses to frequently asked questions
  • Configure and enforce escalation procedures
  • Produce complete electronic interaction histories per client
  • Report on agent and team performance
  • View audit reports on system activity
Process Overview

The customer sends the organization an electronic message in the form of an email, fax or text message.

The Striata eContact Suite creates a unique identifier for the message and stores it in the database. If appropriate, an autoresponder sends a message back to the customer with a unique reference number. The message is then assigned to the appropriate response queue. Destination address, pre-defined rules and current shift status determines to which agent the message is assigned.

The Process; step by step:

  • All incoming messages are stamped with a unique identification number for message tracking and conversation history tracking
  • Auto responders can be leveraged in electronic channels to communicate message status and activity
  • Message routing delivers messages to users who are on shift, or logged in
  • Corporate branding is included in predefined templates
  • Detailed reports of outbound and inbound messaging activity provide valuable information to customer service managers
  • Workflow ensures that agents can quickly and easily reply to messages within set service level agreements
  • Management functions allow for different levels of access to, and management of, the system
  • Response quality is enhanced by storing the standard responses in the system
  • Attachments (generic or personalized) can be added to outgoing messages
  • Administration sections are only available to approved administrators
  • Message comments can be annotated to individual messages

Furthermore, the administration of the system is made simple through a web interface. Administrators can create new users, assign access and responsibilities, extract detailed performance reports and perform quality control checks. Through the same web interface, customer service agents can effectively manage inbound email, fax and text messages. Efficiency is maximized through standard responses, search functionality and escalation procedures.

The Striata eContact solution facilitates an improvement in customer service, as well as enhancing management’s access to information relating to its electronic interaction with customers.

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