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We offer the services and technology that delivers profiled one-to-one marketing messages to customers across a range of electronic channels. Striata eMarketing operates across multiple delivery channels to provide a single view of all electronic interactions with a customer.

We provide specialized email and mobile services to optimize a company’s marketing objectives, enabling each company to achieve specific goals with regard to its customer base – to grow it, retain current customers, acquire new customers and extend branding across all communications.

Our services and solutions are ideal for regular communications, such as email newsletters and corporate reports, as well as digitally implemented tactical marketing campaigns. Today’s electronic world requires personalised one-to-one marketing messages based on the unique profiles of each customer.

Striata’s eMarketing services and solutions dramatically reduce communication costs, increase message distribution and improve marketing success rates through customer profiling.

With the Striata eMarketing Suite, you can:

  • Conduct online competitions
  • Enable online survey and invitation responses
  • Use the Profile Manager tool to easily manage lists for targeting and customising of emails
  • Provide comprehensive campaign reports across channels
  • Deliver personalised marketing messages to mobile phones
  • Deliver interactive electronic catalogues and brochures by email
  • Centrally manage all electronic communication with customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Deliver timeous ad-hoc electronic notices
  • Provide customer service tools to improve two-way communication and dispute logging
  • Enable customer self-service for contact detail and preference management

Using the eMarketing Suite to maximize marketing efforts
The Striata eMarketing Suite provides the hooks and processes required to accept multiple data feeds containing different data types. Once the data is interpreted, the necessary business rules are activated by applying the customer profiles to each email, thus ensuring that the traction and ROI per campaign is maximized.

An effective eMarketing campaign includes incorporating the client Corporate Identity (CI) in all creative material, determining the nature of the campaign and defining the copy of all messages. The design of this content is where the expertise garnered by our eMarketing department is most effectively applied.

The template, the design of which is controlled by the CI, is then populated with the personalized marketing content. This is rules-driven and is done by setting specific flags in the data. Examples of this are recipient preferences, or purchase history.

Our high speed delivery engine can be actively monitored and administered. Message batches can be scheduled for automatic start, pause, stop and restart.

Reporting on each email handshake is standard, and includes bounce codes, transient failures, and permanent errors.

Comprehensive tracking of email opening, and all hyperlinks clicked, provides invaluable feedback to business and marketing departments.

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