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Integrated Solutions

MailRoom ToolKit Capture

Quick Address Entry and Instant Verification

Speed data entry in a variety of applications, such as call centers, CRM systems, accounting packages and more with MailRoom ToolKit Capture. Save time and increase accuracy — enter full addresses with the fewest possible keystrokes. Innovations like visual field mapping and automatic signature activation make using the software with multiple applications fast and easy. And our powerful search technology returns drill-down results, if an immediate match is not found.

  • Save time — enter full addresses in fewer keystrokes
  • Improve the overall quality of your database
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Save money — reduce returned or misdirected mail and packages

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MailRoom ToolKit Office

Address correction and postal presorting for Microsoft Office applications

Organizations that use Microsoft Office products to store and manage address data can now improve their address quality at the source, and produce volume mailings for direct mail, billing statements and more in a familiar environment. MailRoom ToolKit Office delivers address correction and postal presorting functionality designed specifically for Microsoft Office applications like Access, Excel and Word.
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MailRoom ToolKit Architect

Address correction and postal presorting for your database, website or application

MailRoom ToolKit Architect offers a complete set of address management tools you can use to develop the solution that meets your unique needs. Architect is CASS Certified™ for address correction and PAVE™ certified for postal presorting. It works with nearly any application that collects, stores or uses address data.

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