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Conveyors & Dryers

Secap TC36 Conveyor

The Secap TC 36 conveyor is a simple to use add-on accessory designed to complement Secap desktop printers and tabbing equipment and improve the efficiency of a mailing operation. The TC 36 conveyor is the ideal solution for customers needing to extend drying time and preserve image quality on their mail pieces. By adding a conveyor to a printing or tabbing process, mail can quickly and conveniently be stacked and handled by the operator. Capable of handling a wide range of media sizes, it provides a quiet and efficient way to increase productivity in any mailing environment.
An optional TD 36 dryer unit can be mounted over the top of the conveyor to assist in drying, further improving the efficiency of the mailing operation by reducing ink-drying time.

Secap SC 48 Bi-directional

Professional mailers, lettershops, fulfillment houses, in-plant printers, and those who require a professional approach to speeding the drying process while retaining print quality can all utilize the great features and options of the SC48. The SC48’s simple design offers easy operator set-up and low maintenance.
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Secap TD 36 Dryer

The Secap TD 36 dryer can be used with all desktop printers and in conjunction with the TC 36 or TC 48 conveyor. The Secap TD36 dryer mounts over the conveyor to assist in drying ink printed on mail pieces. It is the ideal option for printing high-resolution addresses, images, and tag lines on mail pieces or using difficult materials such as coated stocks. A combination conveyor and dryer enable the consistent delivery of crisp and professional results.
Provides increased drying action
Preserves image quality
Essential for high dpi printing

Secap TCD 72 Conveyor/Dryer

The Secap TCD 72 is a powerful conveyor/drying solution ideal for desktop printers. The integrated high capacity fans provide excellent control of media on the perforated transport belt. The 2000-watt dryer improves the drying speed of HP ink on a variety of materials including glossy and coated stocks.
Adjustable height floor stand with locking castors
Runs on standard 110V outlet
Heavy duty construction for high volume jobs
Dual stage vacuum assist for holding glossy stock
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Secap FR170

The FR170 friction feeder is a medium duty feeder that can be added to an addressing printer for increased productivity of the workstation. The FR170 feeder comes equipped with a reliable product separator, variable angle feed belts, internal DC motor and dynamic braking. There is a 24″ capacity media hopper with a simple two-knob width adjustment.
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Secap FR270

The Secap FR270 feeder is an exceptional heavy duty feeder that can be added to Secap printers or a Secap Jet 1 Tabber to increase the productivity of the workstation. The FR270 is compact, fast, and simple to set up and use. It can be integrated through the use of a cable or can be used standalone in a continuous mode. The FR270 feeder comes equipped with a reliable product separator, stepper motor drive for maximum reliability, and dynamic braking. It is capable of processing up to 54,000 mail pieces per hour. There is a 24” capacity media hopper with simple two-knob width adjustment. This feeder is ideal for connecting to address printers, jumbo format inserters and tabbing/labeling equipment for increasing the throughput and reducing the manual intervention associated with running any sized mailing.View Secap Feeder Brochure


Secap 720 Sealer

The 720 Sealer is a portable, desktop unit offering convenient sealing of all common envelopes, both nested and unnested. Combat bottle necks and extra wear and tear on mailroom equipment used just for sealing. Or, if you are currently sealing envelopes manually, now you can avoid this messy, time-consuming task. With Secap’s Model 720 fully automatic sealer, you just load the envelopes and go! The unit automatically turns on when the envelope enters the machine and turns off when the envelope exits. Seal your mail and get it out the door, fast—up to 300 envelopes per minute!
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Optional Components

Secap Postnetverifier

The Secap PostnetVerifier™ is a dedicated vision sensor which evaluates Postnet barcodes Zip, Zip+4 and the Intelligent Mail barcode as they are being printed and compares them to USPS requirements. When mailing accuracy is everything, this is the ideal solution for detecting problems as they occur to minimize costly printing and postal read errors.

Secap Ink Management System (SIMS)

SIMS, the Secap Ink Management System, is a convenient and economical solution for extending the ink capacity of today’s high production inkjet printers. Profitability of job runs is improved by lowering ink costs and reducing operator intervention.
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